Virtual reality as a tool for fighting addiction

Ken Stoner is a curious lawyer in the unlikely role of innovating in the area of treatment of drug addiction. Upon graduation from law school his desire to improve the community influenced his choice to work as a criminal prosecutor. While there, he first began to understand the enormous impact that addiction has as an underlying factor driving the majority of criminal activity and many other social problems. Once he left the District Attorney’s Office and began private practice he engaged in the front line work of assisting those with battling addiction. Discouraged by the fact that for many people even our best treatment models are ineffective in the short term, Ken co-founded shift+groove to dig deeply into the latest discoveries in neuroscience and brain health. Shift+groove is integrating the emerging technology of virtual reality with the ancient practice of mindfulness to help us treat addiction.

Ken graduated from the of OU College of Law with highest honors. He is a sixth generation Oklahoman and a proud member of the Cherokee tribe. He is even more proud of his charming wife and three sons. Ken is a self-professed “TED Geek” having watched nearly 750 TED Talks and was the founder/curator of TEDxOKC in 2011. Talk to him about meditation, Thailand, longboarding and Adventure Racing.

This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community. Learn more at

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