Tom Boyd Dreams of a Cosmic Connection

When Dr. Tom Boyd was only seven years old, he came to the realization that we are all somehow connected. Like Protagorus, Plato, and Einstein, Boyd has spent much of his life searching for the answers on how things fit together and where he fits. But is it a mystery that leaves you dreaming for life?

Tom W. Boyd is the David Ross Boyd Professor Emeritus of Philosophy at the University of Oklahoma. Tom Boyd specializes is in philosophical theology, theories of religion, religion and culture, and ethics. His current concentration is on the relation among world religions and the relation between religion and culture. He is particularly devoted to issues related to interfaith dialogue. He also studies the impact of religion on ethics. He seeks through his studies and teaching to understand and appreciate religion in its contemporary setting and in light of an emerging planetary culture. His current class is a “nothing is off-limits” dream course called “Mind-Bending: Religion, Law and Science.”