Apply now to be a student speaker at TEDxOU 2017: Elemental

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Are you an OU student with a story to tell? Exciting research to share? A new perspective? The TEDxOU Organizing Team would like to invite you to apply and audition to give the talk of your life at the annual TEDxOU conference on January 27, 2017.

Each year, OU hosts its own TED Talks event, and 2017’s theme is ELEMENTAL. The Talks at TEDxOU feature OU professors, community members, and students sharing their research, work, and perspectives. We want to hear your stories.

Here’s what you need to know about auditioning, based on official TED rules.

Time Limit: No student talk can exceed 9 minutes.

Content: Speakers must tell a story or argue for an idea. Incorporation of the event theme is optional. They may not use the TED stage to sell products, promote themselves, or promote businesses. Every talk’s content must be original and give credit where appropriate. Speakers cannot plagiarize or impersonate other persons, living or dead. Speakers must be able to confirm the claims presented in every talk – TED and TEDx are exceptional stages for showcasing advances in science and new ideas in other topics, and we can only stay that way if the claims presented in our talks can stand up to scrutiny from the scientific community. TED is also not the right platform for talks with an inflammatory political or religious agenda, nor polarizing “us vs them” language. If talks fail to meet the standards above, TED reserves the right to insist on their removal.

**TIP: Because TED Talks are relatively short in length, consider choosing a focused topic. Exploring one topic with depth is generally better for TED Talks than trying to cover a lot of material and not getting much detail. For example, Dr. Jennifer Barnes chose one specific observation, how audiences form emotional relationships with fictional characters, in her broader field of study, the psychology of fiction, for her TEDxOU 2015 Talk.

Visual Aids: Visual aids such as a PowerPoint are permitted, but not required. Every talk’s media and content must be in compliance with copyright law. Speakers must inform the TEDxOU organizers beforehand of any third-party material that will be used in presentations and must confirm fair use status or seek written permissions to copyrighted materials when applicable.

Speaker Release: If selected to give a talk at TEDxOU 2016, everyone who appears onstage must sign the TEDx Speaker Release form, allowing TED full use of the talk, including post the talk online.

Applications close at 11:59PM on Wednesday, December 7. Selected applicants will be invited to auditions, which will be held on Monday, December 12, 2016 at the OU Innovation Hub.Questions about student speakers at TEDxOU can be directed to Cassandra at

Applications are now open!