Michael Benko’s Plan to Mentor the Next Generation

Featured on ABC, NBC, and Fox news affiliates Michael Benko is the co-founder of the Amazon Best Selling team the Student Success Academy. Michael’s focus is to empower the next generation of students through providing personalized education within a creative framework for students to flourish. Since the start of the Student Success Academy in 2011 Michael has consulted high school students across three different states and worked with five different universities. His vision is to maximize the potential and increase the chances of success for every individual that comes into contact with the Student Success Academy.

James Burnes Gives the History of American Paleontology in Three Minutes

James Burnes is an OU student pursuing a Master of Arts in History of Science and a Master of Arts in Museum Studies. He has a Master’s degree in History, which extends from his Bachelor of Arts in History with minors in Anthropology, Earth Science and Geology. His graduate research interests center on the history of natural history. At OU, he continues to focus on the history of vertebrate paleontology, expeditions to collect wild animals for zoos, specimen collecting and museum expeditions, and big game hunting and photographic safaris. James has participated in several paleontological field seasons, as well as having studied archaeology abroad in Belize in Maya Culture.

Mike Moradi Details the Past, Present, and Future of Diabetes Care

Mike Moradi is a successful entrepreneur, having founded or been a principal in several nanotechnology and biopharmaceutical startups. He is a Co-Founder & CEO of Sensulin, LLC, a biopharmaceutical company that is developing the first true 24-hour glucose sensitive insulin for type I and type II diabetes. Mike was awarded a community service commendation from the United States Congress for his voluntary efforts in technology-based economic development. He is the author of The Impact of Nanotechnology in Drug Delivery: Global Developments.

Michael Hernandez Wants To Remove the Gay Blood Ban

Michael Hernandez created an online movement, called All R Equal, Inc., which fights for equality for blood donors. Michael’s petition on Change.org, has garnished nearly 8,000 signatures to allow men who sleep with men, even once, the right to donate blood, which currently hasn’t been allowed since 1981. He is currently an MBA Student at the University of Oklahoma.

David Glover Examines the Politics of Numbers

David Glover, is a community organizer and works with a startup in Palo Alto. He spent a year backpacking around the world after graduating from University of Oklahoma, he has set a world distance record in hang gliding, if you Google him you may see him fist bumping the President or on a gameshow.

Wes Fryer Makes Digital Witnesses

Dr. Wesley Fryer empowers others to create and share digital stories about family life, local culture, and community history. He coaches people of all ages to become digital archivists of family stories and community history. Since 2006 Wesley has helped facilitate collaborative, online oral history projects like “Celebrate Oklahoma Voices,” which includes over 900 videos about Oklahomans and Oklahoma oral history. He is the author of the 2011 eBook “Playing with Media: simple ideas for powerful sharing,” a Google Certified Teacher, an Apple Distinguished Educator, a Fulbright Scholar, a graduate of the US Air Force Academy, an avid educational blogger, and an acknowledged connoisseur of fried chicken.

Laura Brunson Explains the Water Crisis


Laura Brunson is an EPA STAR Fellow and a Ph.D. candidate in Environmental Science researching ways to improve drinking water.  Laura’s research includes testing and developing innovative treatment technologies and working on methods of implementing water treatment technologies in developing communities.  Laura enjoys working with students when teaching courses on social entrepreneurship in the College of Business at OU and in the future plans to both teach and do development work focused on water, poverty reduction and promoting gender equality.

Brian Haas’ Improv Jazz Piano Performance

Brian Haas is a jazz pianist based out of Santa Fe, New Mexico. For the last 19 years he has toured the world with the award winning Jacob Fred Jazz Odyssey, a band he started while a student at The University of Tulsa. He is currently working with drummer Matt Chamberlain and producer Costa Stasinopoulos on an album under his own name for Sony Red.

Stan Hupfeld’s Insider View On Health Care Reform

The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act is either the greatest piece of social legislation in the history of the United States or it is an abomination inflicted on the American public that will ultimately destroy our health system. Insider Stanley Hupfeld dissects that health system and exposes the fallacies and prejudices of both political parties.

Stanley Hupfeld was President and Chief Executive Officer of INTEGRIS Health from July 1995 until 2010. Stan has spoken and been published widely for his expertise in the health care industry. He currently writes a healthcare column for a local business daily, The Journal Record. As the driving force of the nation’s first hospital-sponsored charter school, Hupfeld was honored in 2009 when the INTEGRIS Health Board of Directors voted to rename the school The Stanley Hupfeld Academy at Western Village.

David Burkus On Why Great Ideas Get Rejected

Have you ever debuted an exciting new idea to the world only to receive a lukewarm or even highly critical response? Well, get used to it. Mounting evidence shows that we all possess an inherent bias against creativity. David Burkus shares the good news that there actually is something we can do about it.

David Burkus is Assistant Professor of Management at Oral Roberts University where he teaches courses on creativity, innovation, entrepreneurship and organizational behavior. He is the founder and editor of LDRLB, an online think tank that shares insights from research on leadership, innovation, and strategy. He is the author of the forthcoming book Myths of Creativity to be published in Fall 2013.