2019: Level Up

Esports in higher education – the perfect landscape, Mike Aguilar

A challenge to higher education to think bigger when diving into e-sports development. It’s not about just having a program, it’s about what you do with it. Michael Aguilar defines some opportunities, provides an example, and challenges higher education to be innovative when approaching this topic by flexing the unique cultures and strengths of each campus.

Menstrual Cups for Women’s Empowerment, Cindy Belardo & Pranav Mohan

Menstruation is a worldwide taboo. Cindy and Pranav discovered that through advocating the use of menstrual cups, we can redefine menstruation, empower women and people who menstruate, and help save the environment. Listen to the lessons they learned from their project in India and how those lessons can be applied in our daily lives. Menstrual cups are the best menstrual management product we have. Join the conversation!

How Drones Can Improve Weather Prediction, Phillip Chilson

The field of meteorology is rapidly advancing and our ability to produce accurate and timely weather forecasts continues to improve. In this talk, Dr. Phillip Chilson describes how emerging drone technology can bring us closer to to our goal of precision meteorology.

The Environment, Guilt, and Actually Doing Something, Caroline Cochran

Like many, Caroline Cochran first became aware of the major environmental issues facing the planet through film, particularly when Al Gore visited the University of Oklahoma regarding his film The Inconvenient Truth. Since going to graduate school at MIT and becoming a clean energy startup co-founder, she found herself in a documentary and traveling to environmental film festivals. A recurring theme at these festivals seemed to be the idea of guilt as an end of itself, or at best a sense of incrementalism as an action item to alleviate guilt. But many came up to her saying that theirs was the first documentary that gave them some hope for the future. This talk describes a case study in how the messaging of the environmental movement is creating divides, both economically and emotionally, that leave us all worse off. It then examines data on one demonstrated way that carbon emissions and pollution can be reduced dramatically in a modern economy — broad implementation of nuclear energy with renewables.

How to Go Beyond Diversity and Inclusion to Community and Belonging, E’Ula Green

There are many things that happen that can make people feel marginalized and dismissed, but there are things we can all do to change that. Experiences that are damaging can last a lifetime. In this talk, E’Ula Green explores some ways that we can address this issue with intention and practical, actionable steps.

Guess Forward: What to do when you don’t know what to do, Chad Jordan

Do you ever wonder if people who “have it all together” really know what they’re doing? Could it be they’ve just become experts at pushing through ambiguity? Through personal experience and interviews with a few leaders at the height of their careers, this talk issues both a license-to-chill and a call-to-action.

A storyteller’s approach to facilitating conversations on Racism, Lachelle King

In this out-of-the-box talk, lead diversity facilitator Lachelle King highlights her particular approach as a self-dubbed storyteller on moving away from “traditional” approaches to diversity training to intentionally engage her audience into breaking-down difficult conversations on racism.

Post with a purpose: Building relationships online through oversharing, Ashley Legg

How many of you have been over sharers online? Sharing what you ate this morning, your latest outfit, travel snapshots, or pics of you cuddling your fur babies? Former news reporter turned health and wellness expert, Ashley Legg, can relate. She lives out loud, wears her heart on her sleeve and lets her audience into the happiest, scariest and darkest times in her life. From leaving behind her career, to extreme dieting, to her infertility journey, Ashley uses her life adventures to encourage you to step outside your comfort zone and to post with purpose. She gives three specific steps on how to connect, build an online tribe and create a lasting impact. What you post matters and whether you know it or not, someone is watching, meaning you have the opportunity to influence others. Through oversharing online, you never know whose life you could impact or what opportunities are out there, just waiting to knock on your door

America’s Trillion Dollar Blindspot, Erika Lucas

Erika Lucas is an early-stage investor and co-founder of StitchCrew, a firm aiming to democratize access to capital and resources for traditionally overlooked entrepreneurs. After a 10-year career in private investment and economic development, Erika is now committed to closing the funding gap for female entrepreneurs and entrepreneurs of color, a missed opportunity she claims is costing our country trillions of dollars.

You are Unstoppable: A fool proof way to make your dreams come true, Korey McMahon

As a former professional snowboarder, Korey McMahon has built his life on being the best. He built and sold a multimillion dollar business by the age of 35, is a published author, and continues to accomplish dreams beyond his imagination. These simple but wildly effective strategies have been the foundation of his success.

How Music Helped Find My Father, Erica Parker

Erica Parker, creator of Signature Symphony’s Helpful Harmonies for Wellness program, a music program that works with Dementia, Alzheimer’s, and Parkinson’s patients, tells her story about losing her father to dementia and discovering how her music could find him again. Through her personal experiences with her father as well as research, she created this program to help other musicians connect with seniors living with these maladies. Musicians know that music can reach deep inside each of us. When other communication fails, and it often does, music can find us hidden inside.

‘Mother of Exiles’: The Statue of Liberty and the Legacy of the Holocaust, Janet Ward

Emma Lazarus’s poem about the Statue of Liberty as the “Mother of Exiles” has come to be associated with the statue’s purpose – many might say, with this country’s purpose. This talk explores how – despite the failure of US immigration policy to adequately respond to asylum-seekers attempting to escape Nazism — the Statue of Liberty’s torch became known as an icon of refuge.

Cultivating women’s empowerment with technology, Ashley West

Technology is rapidly changing the world that we live in. Women & young girls are underrepresented in STEM fields year after year. How can we cultivate women’s empowerment with technology? Ashley West reveals key strategies removing barriers to access & closing the gender gap in STEM fields.